Realistic Train Models

Realistic TrainModels is about weathered locomotives and railcars. Weathering gives each model a unique character, making them even more attractive to look at. All models are handpainted with care, thus creating Unique Pieces of Art.

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All HO Train Models are from one private collection, only high quality DC and DCC / Sound Locomotives. Many European and American brands like e.g. ROCO, Fleischmann, Brawa, Broadway, Overland brass locomotives and more. The locomotives are in excellent condition / most are new. All models are weathered by a professional and are being sold piece by piece. This means that each Weathered Train Model is special and one of a kind.

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Below an overview of locomotives recently sold


Example of BR 94, weathered on request for a customer

Railroad Workhorses have to work hard, pulling heavy trains day and night. There is ample time for cleaning and painting, resulting in dust, grime, corrosion and rust. This marks Realistic TrainModels ! All models are handpainted. The paint is applied layer over layer using similar techniques as used in the past by famous Painters like Rembrandt van Rijn and Johannes Vermeer.

More exciting Weathered Train Models coming soon

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